Life Empowered – Day 2. Okay, let’s get to work

January 29, 2007

Earned: $ 0.00 Invested: $ 0.00

Sorry, guys, to keep you waiting, actually my 9 to 5 has been keeping me really busy these past days, but here I am again, reviewing, analizing and of course using the Life Empowered System. After the first steps and first impressions of the system I’ve decided to get straight to the point today. (From now on I’ll have my earnings and additional investments on the top of each blog post, both of wich are $0.00 right now – quite obviously – and I will write a new post every time I have the chance to invest 2 other hours of work into this system).

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Life Empowered – Day 1. The First Impressions

January 10, 2007

Okay, I’m writing from the inside of the Life Empowered System now. I’ve spent my first few hours with wondering around the site and sightseeing Life Empowered. I won’t go into great details this time, these are only my first impressions here:

You buy the product, pay the price, and – as expectable -, after a short (1 min) registration, you get your access to the Life Empowered System. The site itself is not accessable from the sales page, it is here. You can see for yourself, but unless buying the product, you obviously won’t be able to access to the premium area.

After logging into the members area, you are facing a really easy to use, portal structured site. No Adsense ads around – to my great relief (I always consider Adsense ads inside member’s areas a great ripoff, and I’ve heard that other marketing programs usually put Adsense inside their premium area as well).

The first thing you get is a welcome letter from John Westbrook (the owner and CEO of Life Empowered), and a reminder of one of your bonuses, to which I’ll return later.

Seemingly, one of the most powerful features of Life Empowered is one on one training via email or chat, so you are also reminded to feel free to ask questions and use the knowledge of the admins and more experienced users. I’ll surely try this feature later on, but if it works, than this is obviously a huge pro on this program’s side.

You can instantly use the real time message-wall, and you can subscribe a free newsletter (will do that later).

In the main menu there is a resource list (bonus material, marketing resources, income resources, blog and additional recources and a support forum), which looks rather rich and satisfying, and you are advised to start with a Quick Start Guide, followed by a Full Training Guide.

You can have a look at John Westbrook’s blog, and you also instantly receive a profile page, an inbox and a possibility to create a blog within the system. Tha FAQ section is identical to that one outside on the sales page.

Without trying anything specific feature, we can say, that Life Empowered looks very professional and very rich in content. In the following days, we will one-by-one try these features, check the value of the contents and of course apply this all to make money.

If you find my Life Empowered Review helpful, please remember to buy Life Empowered using any of these link provided on this site. Like this one for example. Cheers!

Buying Life Empowered – The Rules

January 8, 2007

It’s the 8th of January, 2007., and I just bought myself into the Life Empowered System – Online Training Center a couple of minutes ago. What you will witness here is a real life review of Life Empowered, in a form of a blog for at least a couple of weeks. I will review and write down what I get and what I see, no matter if it encourages you to buy the program or not.

While making my review blog I will always put honesty, straightness and professionalism first. So you won’t see a continuous sales letter from me, opposed to quite a few so called “review-sites” thats only purpose are to sell the specific, reviewed product.

In spite of that, I ask you a favour right here right now. I want you to decide whether you want to buy Buying Life Empowered or not (and I am willing to give you any help you need in that). But if you found my blog helpful – and of course in case you decide to buy yourself into this stuff – please buy this product via a link from my site. I think it is a fair offer, isn’t it? Deal?!

Okay, let’s proceed.

I’ve settled a few rules along which I will review Life Empowered. Here is the shortlist of them:

  • I will reveal everything. I will reveal how much time, how much work and how much money I’m putting into Life Empowered. Of course I also will review how much I earn, day by day.
  • I will do precisely what I am told to do. I am not exactly a newcomer in Internet Marketing (I am not a marketing guru either), but I will strictly stick to the how to-s and tutorials given in this program. Therefore I will have or will not have results only as a result of Life Empowered.
  • I won’t work more than instructed. Life Empowered promises that you won’t have to work more than 2 hours a day. So why should I. I believe, that setting up those money making processes could last more than a couple of hours, but still, we will find it out anyway. If you need eight hours to make your first dollar, we’ll find this out on our fourth day. Life Empowered also promises, that realistically speaking I could be making money this week. Well, surely we will figure it out.

Okay, that is it for now. I will be back tomorrow – on my first day with Life Empowered – with my first findings, impressions, and – hopefully – my first earnings. Please remember to buy Life Empowered using any of these link provided on this site. Like this one for example. Cheers!